The Last Word

Originally inspired by the struggles close to home fighting for the NHS and other services that are being taken from the people but is very much more influenced by the troubles in the wider world – many of which we hear little about if indeed anything of any real truth or value. It is also my token to those who have died or survived in the many conflicts around the world as well as to those currently fighting the deadly Ebola outbreak. I stand for peace, forgiveness and a wish for less division in a world that is becoming so full of deceit, greed, war mongering and illness – to stand for anything else is just anarchy with no end. I’m not shocked anymore but I am sad that leaders of this world have so very badly failed to protect the people and so far seem impotent in achieving peace and cooperation. I really hope they try harder. The only thing I have the power to contribute are these words to the twittersphere of the virtual world.

The Last Word

I found out I might be right today it came as a big shock
Our differences define us from those that stand and mock
I don’t know what to do with this knowledge of deceit
The lack of care for others thrown down at our feet

I wonder why things have to happen why people can’t stand back
It seems that life’s not like that it’s so very out of whack
It’s sad that we should live in a world with such dark code
Without morals and integrity life’s such a heavy load

I look around so carefully to see who is going to blink
But in the armour of much dogma I just can’t find a chink
So much now depends on many words that have no truth
The compass swings so crazily it’s hard to find the route

For some the world just turns as it has always done
Heading off to work, playing games and having fun
For some much more is seen than words can e’re convey
The truth behind the truth or lies? Who can really say

We live in troubled times, our lives are losing worth
We hope that tomorrow’s sun will bring about rebirth
It may be hard to think that this world has really changed
But the rhetoric is out there from stoic to deranged

Is the dove of peace caged up tight, wings clipped so severe?
Or is there some small light that we might all revere?
Doubting Thomas doesn’t think we’ll see the flight of that great bird
We wait, we hope and some do pray this isn’t the last word.

The Eyes Have it

I looked around and what did I see?

A tax inspector coming after me

I checked his badge and was shocked to spot

He was employed by a company! What!


I looked around and what did I find

A doctor who wanted to mend my mind

I checked his badge and saw the light

He’s employed by Virgin – NHS blight


I looked around and what was there

A benefit checker coming out of his lair

I checked his badge and what a shocker

Self-employed bullyboy off his rocker


I looked to court to fight for my rights

I find a lawyer but what a fright

No legal aid coz I’m only the ‘poor’

No protection for me no sir no more


I looked to an election with my vote

My nodding MP such a good bloke

But then I find to my chagrin

He threw his promises in the bin


I looked to parliament to save our souls

They’re listening to us say the polls

But then I see the truth oh so plain

All counting the profit they did gain


I look around this green pleasant land

Built by many a calloused hand

England’s beauty now just skin deep

What happened to it? How long did I sleep?


I look around with wide open eyes

I’ve finally got it my world is just lies

I check for respect but none can be found

It’s buried with democracy under the ground

One engaged voter’s view on democracy and the ‘new’ NHS

The NHS belongs to us all – Does it?

The New NHS

The ethos of the People’s NHS was killed stone dead by The Health and Social Care Act 2012 when it removed ‘universal healthcare’ as a right for every citizen of Great Britain and replaced it with the lesser term ‘comprehensive healthcare’ as a (lesser) right for the population of Great Britain – clever that last bit – makes you think it’s the same health service.

Right to Healthcare

The Act does not define what comprehensive health provision actually stands for, as far as I could see, which I think is intentional. It can now be defined on a whim depending on what the Minister for Health wants it to mean, which in practice could mean ‘We don’t have the money for that so you can’t have it’, or ‘You have no value to society so we don’t have to treat your expensive health condition’. The provision of healthcare has become a very flexible concept to be measured against worth of the individual verses value for all. In other words as an individual the electorate and their families no longer have an individual right to healthcare only a collective one.

Comprehensive verses Universal

I believe this means we now have no’ individual defined right to health care only a right based on a comprehensive’ premise. Pre 2012 treatments were withheld for some conditions under NICE guidelines but they had to be defined under certain rules that NICE had to follow. We now may only have the right to what is collectively measured and can vary at any given time, thus removing a fundamental individual right to universal healthcare provision. In fact as the new NHS facilities will be independent, under the umbrella of the People’s NHS logo it will be possible, in my opinion under this law, for the independent or private provider to refuse treatment if they run out of money or for some other unknown reason.

Just to highlight the word comprehensive: Comprehensive car insurance, comprehensive home insurance, comprehensive personal insurance, comprehensive travel insurance, comprehensive business insurance and one we all know and love: Comprehensive Payment Protection Insurance. Now I wonder why, as a patient, I do not feel very cared for or protected. The thing about comprehensive insurance provision is that there is always a ‘get out’ for the provider. In this case that is the Secretary of State for Health and the Health and Social Care Act itself.

The New System and Patient Influence

With the ‘new’ health service power is devolved down to purchasing groups called CCGs who will contract services from further devolved providers. Patient involvement in all these many levels of hierarchy; numerous government agencies, CCGs, directly contracted private companies, sub-contracted private companies, private contracted GP practices, franchised care and micro franchised care, will be very limited and will have little if any influence.


I believe this Act allows any government to withdraw any level of healthcare whenever it is decided it is too expensive or finance needed to fund something else – perhaps something that is considered a higher priority like MPs expenses or pay. That may seem farfetched but we now have to rely more on a moral, financial, pragmatic or self-interested view in provision of our healthcare rather than an individual and collective safeguarded right. I see this ‘new’ NHS as only giving me a right to the ‘consideration’ as to whether I ‘deserve’ the right to healthcare.

This Act now enables a government to determine, based on economic value of the individual, whether you are eligible for healthcare. For example; I could work my whole adult life, paying proper taxes and then get cancer. If that cancer then causes physical damage and I am no longer able to work my value to the country can be assessed as zero. It is possible that it could be measured historically to see what I might have earned in physical labour to determine what I might be entitled to but of course that is really beside the point. The 2012 Act allows a government to withdraw the monitoring of my health and any subsequent treatment by the use of data, which under the Act I cannot refuse they collect and store.

An Example

Cancer reoccurrence is very common. Under this Act a government could refuse to treat me due to low success of treatment increasing the risk of a terminal recurrence. Death from cancer due to no healthcare is a very real concept under this Act and I am especially concerned when I see cancer wait times and treatment already under severe pressure and worsening since 2010.


Despite assurances to the contrary from the current Conservative administration most of the provision in the Health and Social Care Act indicates a completely different focus regarding healthcare provision than the old one. There is far too much for me, a lay person, to analyse and comment on but the main elements put into statute a design for a completely privatised, fragmented and, in my opinion, costly healthcare corporate business structure, which will be paid for by tax payers without a fundamental and individual right to it. This may be ‘available’ from cradle to grave but I found it hard to be convinced that it was my right to have it ‘provided’ from cradle to grave. In addition I would actually hesitate to call it a service as it really just represents what will be a corporate healthcare sector similar to that provided by the USA.


The public were not told about the impending destruction of their right to universal healthcare as they were not given a choice prior to the election in 2010. This change was not campaigned on or mentioned by the Conservative Party. In fact it was stated that absolutely no reorganisation of the National Health Service would take place. Since winning the election they have systematically denied the aim to privatise the NHS whilst actually doing just that and it seems rather disingenuous to me when reading through the Act itself. The government did not hold a referendum on such a fundamental individual right, held by the citizens of this country since 1948 and once in power did not announce their intentions in a manner that gave the electorate relevant information and understanding and therefore any recourse through democracy. The media did not give an appropriate level of cover to a change of such magnitude leaving the electorate pretty much in the dark. As a result, even 4 years later, many members of the public do not know about it and are oblivious to the removal of their rights.

I am of the opinion that, not only were fundamental rights taken away from every citizen by the Health and Social Care Act 2012 but our fundamental and individual democratic right was at the very least undermined by the manner in which this Act was thrust upon us.  I have to question a country that has a process that can so completely nullify the votes of millions of people with such impunity. Our individual rights within a democratic system have been dismissed by this Government prior to and since coming to power.  I hope I will never again see this countries democracy so undermined.

Reference: as well as other sections of the Health and Social Care Act 2012, which can be found via this link or directly from the web site

Health and Social Care Act 2012

Secretary of State’s duty to promote comprehensive health service

This sectionnoteType=Explanatory Notes has no associated

For section 1 of the National Health Service Act 2006 (Secretary of State’s duty to promote health service) substitute—

“1Secretary of State’s duty to promote comprehensive health service

(1)The Secretary of State must continue the promotion in England of a comprehensive health service designed to secure improvement—

(a)in the physical and mental health of the people of England, and

(b)in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of physical and mental illness.

(2)For that purpose, the Secretary of State must exercise the functions conferred by this Act so as to secure that services are provided in accordance with this Act.

(3)The Secretary of State retains ministerial responsibility to Parliament for the provision of the health service in England.

(4)The services provided as part of the health service in England must be free of charge except in so far as the making and recovery of charges is expressly provided for by or under any enactment, whenever passed.”

One Little Tweet…..

Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there.
He wasn’t there again today,
I wish, I wish he’d go away…

When I came home last night at three,
The man was waiting there for me
But when I looked around the hall,
I couldn’t see him there at all!
Go away, go away, don’t you come back any more!
Go away, go away, and please don’t slam the door…

Last night I saw upon the stair,
A little man who wasn’t there,
He wasn’t there again today
Oh, how I wish he’d go away…

This poem, which I always loved and thought a little funny is what I have become along with the many “irritating ‘hangers-on’, ‘scroungers’ and ‘parasites’, that should just “get cancer or something and die”. Invisible. Ghosts. On the periphery of society, annoyingly hanging on to life and hated, ignored and derided by some and ridiculed by those who allegedly lead and represent us.

One little tweet is all it took to hit home to me that, sadly, I am not able to live up to the name of this blog and rosabovitt. I have just become what I am labelled ‘them’ (spit). Initially covertly spat at just in thought. ‘The scrounger’ (spit). ‘Parasite’ (spit). Ill? (spit) Unemployed? (spit). It is no longer covert and has become part of the narrative of communicating with or more often now at us a new lower class. I see derisive laughter at besting the ignorant public, ‘the public don’t realise we gave away control. Ha ha!’. Now it has become abusive and discriminatory, not just in rhetoric but in actions and attitudes and is being thrown around in public forums like confetti.

Last night, in the early hours of the morning, I cried and couldn’t stop. I never cry. I finally fell asleep at 5:30am. I woke up at 9:30am crying and had to go and hide in the bathroom because I don’t want to worry my husband any more than he is already. My mum also lives with us and I have had to tell them both that I have a very upset stomach today so that I can excuse the amount of time I am spending in the bathroom. I just can’t stop the grief that keeps overwhelming me. The catalyst for this moment was something I came across on twitter. I often roam the internet at night reading random stuff when I can’t sleep. It helps to distract me from the aches and discomfort I seem to constantly have.

I didn’t realise and can’t come to terms with how worthless to myself and the rest of humanity I have become. I always had empathy and compassion for others and have always supported the notion that we must protect the weak and ill and assist where we can.

One of the reasons my mum came to live with us is so she wouldn’t be a burden on anyone else in later life and for me and my retired husband and her too pool our resources so that we could afford to keep a roof over all our heads and help each other with our age related and in my case unfortunate condition. My mum is 77, my husband is 71 and I am 51. I am the only person here that is in receipt of one supporting benefit (for now) and both husband and mother pay tax. I pay for my prescriptions, eye care, dental care and vat on most items out of my meagre benefit. I asked for no financial help with housing or disability issues as we are managing and didn’t want to be any more of a burden on my fellow countrymen.

The other things about me are: I grew up poor and worked from 14 years old until I couldn’t anymore; I had a stiff upper lip and was proud of that. I never cried about anything no matter how bad. I have no children but I have brothers and a sister dotted about the country with their own jobs and families. They pay tax without complaint into the pot that is bailing out the banks along with my mum and my husband.

Today I wish I could give back my benefit and leave this horrible country. But I can’t all I can do is cry without pride or worth.

I never cried when my husband had a heart attack and was in hospital for weeks. I was just so grateful he survived with the help of the NHS.

I never cried when I was diagnosed with a primary lymphedema on my upper right side.

I never cried when I had to completely change my life because of the repeated life threatening infections I kept getting.

I never cried when my specialist nurse explained what I had to do for the rest of my life to manage my condition.

I have never cried at the constant pain and discomfort my condition causes me.

I never cried when I was refused Incapacity Benefit knowing that no matter what was said I couldn’t work as no one would ever employ me.

I never cried when I was told what a hard fight it would be to appeal the decision for benefit support. I wasn’t happy when I won I was just grateful and relieved.

I never cried when they sent me for my next medical assessment despite feeling petrified at what they would rule. Once again I was grateful and relieved when they assessed me as unfit for work.

I never cried when I found out how much money (over £5,000) had been conned out of me by a bank on a paltry loan.

I never cried when they refused to pay it back.

I never cried when the consultant told me I might have kidney cancer and they were waiting for the scan results to decide if I would lose a kidney.

I never cried when the news I got was good news my kidney was fine but I had bladder cancer.

I did cry from the excruciating painful spasms after my first operation to remove the bladder tumour.

I never cried when I was assessed as fit for work without a medical assessment whilst receiving chemo therapy for cancer.

I never cried when I spoke to the DWP about the cancer treatment and was bluntly and grumpily asked “Is it terminal yet? If not you won’t get anything”.

I never cried when I had to appeal that decision whilst being treated for cancer.

I never cried when my mum had a heart attack. I just helped her to recover with the help of NHS doctors and nurses.

I never cried when my husband was diagnosed with COPD.

You see I can’t let my family see how devastating it all is.

I have never cried at any time over the past 2 years when the consultant has repeatedly told me the cancer has come back. I just join them in the joke that it’s only a clown fish and not a shark this time. Yay! I would hate to make them feel bad about it – it’s enough that I do.

I never cried, despite the pressure of having to fight for my right to compensation for being conned out of approximately £5,000 plus interest whilst dealing with the stress of fighting bladder cancer.

I never cried when I won my case in October 2013 but still didn’t get anything.

I have never cried during the past 8 months, despite the stress of trying to force the bank to follow the Ombudsman ruling and pay my refund. Still not received.

I never cried this year when I found out that whilst fighting cancer I had missed the destruction of the NHS and the welfare state and being completely shocked to discover it.

I was speechless but I never cried when I saw a back bench MP taunting the Labour Party over the destruction of the NHS and enactment of the H & S Act 2012 with ‘It’s too late we’ve done it! Ha! Ha! Ha!’ on live TV.

I almost cried when I listened to the tape of the Minister laughing about her ‘excitement’ in dealing with the ‘hire wire act’ that they have made of the NHS and doing so ‘without the public realising’ they had given control away. It was quite devastating to listen to but no I still didn’t cry.

One little tweet on twitter and my life has changed forever.

I now know that off-hand comments like “get cancer or something and die” expressed by unthinking people, in anger, spite or as a cruel joke especially on online chat media have become the crumbling ethos and arthritis ridden backbone of this country.

I am devastated. I have no state. I have no worth. I have no pride. I have a passport that says I am a British Citizen in name only. My birth certificate that says I was born here, which I keep in a little box, the country with a name I was proud of, now has no meaning for me.

The grief for the loss of my culture and nationality is overwhelming and I have no one to tell because it isn’t fair to burden my family with this.

My next cancer check up is due in July, the anniversary of the birth of the NHS. I very much doubt if I will get that appointment without complaining as, I now realise, I have become one of the ‘get cancer and die’ parasites that are so hated in this country. I really wish I could oblige but sadly I still have responsibilities, so I have to find that stiff upper lip from somewhere for my husband and my family as we are all we have to rely on in this alien state – perhaps I am actually the alien – they just have nowhere to dump me.

The silly little tweet:
Tory Press Office

The ‘silly little tweet’ that devastated and destroyed my belief in this country’s values is not of itself the cause but is just another, and for me, the final nail deliberately hammered into the coffin. It has of course now been cremated without ceremony along with the NHS, human rights, morals, care, dignity, integrity, empathy and compassion. Some faceless public servant, also living off the state, deals with all that #britishvalues rubbish in a very speedy and muscular fashion.

Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more….I have nothing to offer this country but I do have a nice plastic smile to offer my family.

Don’t Turn On Your Phone Dear

Don’t turn on your phone dear I really must confess

That though I love you anyway you look an awful mess

But you know you’d really hate to go out without a mask

I’m not looking for an argument so please do what I ask


Don’t get all defensive just accept that I am right

Those boys and girls at MI5 just don’t need the sight

Of my wife in her birthday suit with a little extra fat

Hair looking like a birds nest, we really can’t have that


Yes dear I know it sounds far-fetched and like James Bond

But they have open access from across the pond

That little camera you so like can be a two way street

Oh dear I shocked her and she’s just fainted at my feet.

Trading Places

A man knocked on my brother’s door, said “I want to represent you”
My brother questioned, well polite, “you mean to walk in my shoes?”
The guy he said “What do you mean? I’ve come to get your vote”
“You’ve got some questions? Ask away”, my bro said to this bloke

“I have a leaflet that tells you how we’ll improve your life”
“Education for your children, community projects for your wife”
The guy, he smiled engagingly as he delivered this practiced pitch.
He failed to notice my bro’s response but I know that subtle twitch.

My brother stood up very straight and assertively he spoke,
“You say you’re going to speak for me if I give you my vote?”
Election Guy he said “That’s right and we’ll represent you well”
My bro shook his head and spoke again “You’ll represent me hell!”

“A lesson I’ll now give you when you’re touting for support”
“You might need some information or you’re gonna come up short.”
“I’ve got no wife, no kids, no car, I rent this place short term”
“You have no idea what I need or if I even earn.”

“You’ve been polite I’ll give you that but nothing I can see,”
“That you have got to offer in representing me.”
“The reason for this disconnect is pretty easy to assess,
“You can’t say ‘I’ll represent you’ and then just bloody guess”.


By L Schmidt, grateful patient of the NHS

Your aren’t the perfect partner and you sometimes let me down
You often are too busy, no time to play the clown
#But just like all relationships we try to muddle through
You do your best and still slip me a little smile or two
Your timing for some promised dates has sometimes made me mad
You have so many partners one could think you’re quite the cad
#But in truth you are pure of heart just smothered by the muddle
So many demands upon your time we need to clone you double!

Your fashion sense needs some work you know it makes me frown
You are just so damn practical with that bare back, weird, tied gown
#But the worst part of your dress sense really gets some flack
Those stockings that you make me wear? So NOT the new black
Of course I have to mention the lingerie you always buy
And those ‘Cinderella’ slippers that almost make me cry
#But not with tears of upset no that is just my humour
I hear they aren’t just for us girls or is that a nasty rumour?

The last few years I’ve needed you to give me much more time
I’ve even done some pouting and reminded you you’re mine
#But you didn’t get impatient you were careful not to ire
You do your best to keep me calm even under fire
At present we are on a break you said ‘You’re clear now go!’
You gave me a hug and I skipped off out, the wrong way don’t you know!
#But it is not a separation of that I can be sure
I know ‘we’ll meet again’ when I need a date once more.

You will have me back with open arms (once I’ve chased your butt)
You will give me your attention and again you’ll make the cut
#But as usual I’ll be worried and you will put me at my ease
You’re such a smoothie face to face aiming so to please
With all that said I have to raise a TINY little matter
I’ve heard some things about you in amongst the chatter
It seems someone is making you break our sacred pledge
I’ve heard you’re being shackled with some partners in some hedge?

I’ve been told you have no choice you have to sell your wares
To some pirates roving round the world trading in some shares
I’m no brains of Britain but I know it isn’t right
To let them sell your soul away without putting up a fight
I have to raise this question for others and for me
Is it really moral profiteering from misery?

They didn’t ask my opinion! No contract have I signed!
I’ve twittered and I’ve tweeted, the interweb I’ve mined!
There is no signed agreement from any of your babes!
Yes I mean me and millions more, sixty plus decades!!!
#BUT it seems we were cuckolded, mislead and lies were told
#BUT I won’t shut up about it this really is too bold!
Our only common ground built with blood and sweat and tears
Going to gamblers’ immoral earnings? No way! No sir! No fear!

Big Up the NHS!

Hey diddle, did…

Hey diddle, diddle, MPs on the fiddle, PFI ran away with the spoon, the Government laughed to see such fun n said great we’ll be very rich soon