Trading Places

A man knocked on my brother’s door, said “I want to represent you”
My brother questioned, well polite, “you mean to walk in my shoes?”
The guy he said “What do you mean? I’ve come to get your vote”
“You’ve got some questions? Ask away”, my bro said to this bloke

“I have a leaflet that tells you how we’ll improve your life”
“Education for your children, community projects for your wife”
The guy, he smiled engagingly as he delivered this practiced pitch.
He failed to notice my bro’s response but I know that subtle twitch.

My brother stood up very straight and assertively he spoke,
“You say you’re going to speak for me if I give you my vote?”
Election Guy he said “That’s right and we’ll represent you well”
My bro shook his head and spoke again “You’ll represent me hell!”

“A lesson I’ll now give you when you’re touting for support”
“You might need some information or you’re gonna come up short.”
“I’ve got no wife, no kids, no car, I rent this place short term”
“You have no idea what I need or if I even earn.”

“You’ve been polite I’ll give you that but nothing I can see,”
“That you have got to offer in representing me.”
“The reason for this disconnect is pretty easy to assess,
“You can’t say ‘I’ll represent you’ and then just bloody guess”.


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