The Last Word

Originally inspired by the struggles close to home fighting for the NHS and other services that are being taken from the people but is very much more influenced by the troubles in the wider world – many of which we hear little about if indeed anything of any real truth or value. It is also my token to those who have died or survived in the many conflicts around the world as well as to those currently fighting the deadly Ebola outbreak. I stand for peace, forgiveness and a wish for less division in a world that is becoming so full of deceit, greed, war mongering and illness – to stand for anything else is just anarchy with no end. I’m not shocked anymore but I am sad that leaders of this world have so very badly failed to protect the people and so far seem impotent in achieving peace and cooperation. I really hope they try harder. The only thing I have the power to contribute are these words to the twittersphere of the virtual world.

The Last Word

I found out I might be right today it came as a big shock
Our differences define us from those that stand and mock
I don’t know what to do with this knowledge of deceit
The lack of care for others thrown down at our feet

I wonder why things have to happen why people can’t stand back
It seems that life’s not like that it’s so very out of whack
It’s sad that we should live in a world with such dark code
Without morals and integrity life’s such a heavy load

I look around so carefully to see who is going to blink
But in the armour of much dogma I just can’t find a chink
So much now depends on many words that have no truth
The compass swings so crazily it’s hard to find the route

For some the world just turns as it has always done
Heading off to work, playing games and having fun
For some much more is seen than words can e’re convey
The truth behind the truth or lies? Who can really say

We live in troubled times, our lives are losing worth
We hope that tomorrow’s sun will bring about rebirth
It may be hard to think that this world has really changed
But the rhetoric is out there from stoic to deranged

Is the dove of peace caged up tight, wings clipped so severe?
Or is there some small light that we might all revere?
Doubting Thomas doesn’t think we’ll see the flight of that great bird
We wait, we hope and some do pray this isn’t the last word.


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